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A Specialist in Kitchen interior designing for you

Renovating a kitchen is not an easy task. The Kitchen Specialist provides you with information and guidance to help you make the right choice. From planning to the final execution... makes the kitchen-making process a beautiful experience.


  • A thoughtfully designed kitchen is a joy forever. A Specialist design follows the principles of Ergonomics to facilitate movement around the kitchen, and make the process of cooking easy, comfortable and fast.
  • Here are few principles used by the Kitchen Specialists while designing your kitchen. The design revolves around the five most active areas in the kitchen. The main purpose of an ergonomically designed kitchen is to create practical and well-designed space.
  • Our manufacturers allow us the opportunity to customise each kitchen completely. Every kitchen is made according to the size and space specifications, the needs and desires of the customer. A team of design Specialists and installation experts are available in showroom to help you design your kitchen your way

Based on functions performed we have classified ki

This zone contains typical foodstuffs such as rice, grains, flour, tinned goods as well as refrigerated food.

This zone is the main work area of the kitchen. This is where most of the preparation work is done. Kitchen utensils, electrical appliances, spices as well as many other items need to be kept close to the work area.

On the top level of wall cabinets and at the bottom level of base cabinets.

This zone is used to store items such as dishes, glasses, cutlery etc.

This zone includes the hob, oven, microwave, pots, pans, cooking utensils and baking trays.

The storage is carefully planned based on frequenc

In easy-to-reach pull outs near work areas as well as on the first level above the worktop.

Above and below the frequently-used area.

On the top level of wall cabinets and at the bottom level of base cabinets.

Storage items at correct levels give a minimum stretch to your back and even save time during your daily kitchen work

Such detailing can be developed only with an in-depth customer understanding, something for which Dream Kitchens is renowned for.